Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Coming . . . It's Getting Closer!

We heard yesterday that Whistle's case is moving forward. Apparently there are some new people involved who think this has dragged on too long. Some of us would agree with that! ;-) A late February date has been set for having certain information to the court, and that's the first step - or at least next step - the first legal step toward making Whistle a permanent part of our family. He feels so much like one of us, I hesitate when people ask me how many kids we have. It's 5, legally, then there's Whistle, and then there are often foster kiddos who will not be staying long term. It just depends on how you count. Birth certificates -- or heartstrings.

We are so blessed!

But he just wanted to hear it

This morning, after dressing for school.

Whistle: Mom, you can 'pologize for getting lotion in my eye.
Other Mother: Yes, I'm so sorry I got lotion in your eye!
Whistle: That's okay, you don't need to 'pologize.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A NEW Take on Shopping

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but for years, our now 15 year old Teenager found it impossible to go clothes shopping. When I couldn't put it off any longer, I'd take her into a store, and she'd just stand there in the clothing section, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. I finally figured out that if I took things off of the rack and said things like, "You need a new shirt -- how about this one?" -- she would respond and I would try again with another one, saying "What do you like about it, and what don't you like?" She could do it for about 30 minutes, and she was finished. Really finished. Suffice it to say the dressing room part of it was Not Fun. I think she was just overwhelmed and maybe overstimulated. Whatever the reason, it was not a typical teenage girl experience!

Today, however, something was different. We've had a breakthrough! Teenager can shop for clothes!! Yesterday, from the 75% off clearance rack I picked up some [solid color/no outside label/suitable for Christian school] polo shirts and sweaters. Today, I took her back to the same JCP store to get her opinion on some casual shirts, and we had a blast! She was pleasant, engaged, and actively involved in choosing some things to try on. Willingly. Willingly! She put on various combinations, discussed when and where she'd wear them, and did a great job of choosing from the "maybe" group after she'd tried them all on. We went to another store for some undergarments, and even that was fun. Two more trips to the dressing room, and we were both still smiling. And . . . she's planning to pay for it all herself from her most recent paycheck! Whoo hoo!

To finish up our Girls Night Out, we ate at Applebees together, just the two of us. What a great evening!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just ask the Kids. They Know!

I don't know how Whistle gets anything from the television at all, because he seldom sits still in front of it. He does keep an eye and ear on it apparently (as he shoots baskets a few feet away), and he usually knows more about what's going on than I do. He has a solution for the children with no hair that he's seen on the hospital commercials. He said, "If they let them go home, then they can have hair, but they can't have hair at the hospital."

Watching tv the other night, Whistle asked if another show was going to be on. (I think it was what he calls "No Deal or No Deal.") I said "No," meaning there was not going to be another segment of the same show on. When he walked through the room a little later, he said, "SEE, Mom! I TOLD you there was going to be another one." It was a news program. Go figure.

Today before church services began, granddaughter E. noted that "Some people are missing." Her mother agreed, and asked, "WHO is missing?" Emma's response was, "Everybody else!!" Duh.

And now - a word from Father. He bought a compound miter saw the other day, and when I was surprised that he'd gotten it that morning, he said, "I needed to get $10.00 for the haircut." Yeah, right. That's what we'd all do. Go to the big L. store to get cash for the barber. Good idea. I'll have to keep that in mind. ;-)

Friday, January 25, 2008

I Can!

I've thought of a half-dozen things I'd like to write about, but have been fighting a sinus headache for days, and can't get it together enough to think clearly enough to write.

So for now . . . I'll do the list of things that "I Can" - and count my blessings instead.

I can play the piano.

I can host 22 people in my home for several days.

I can get a lot of things done very quickly when I need to.

I can relax and play instead, too.

I can organize all the spices in my cupboard alphabetically.

I can make a holiday meal, and enjoy every minute of it.

I can collect enough gingerbread men to populate a city.

I can raise other people's children as my own.

I can laugh at my mistakes.

I can encourage others.

I can roller skate, and ride a bicycle.

I can fly in a hot air balloon.

I can ride roller coasters - twice each.

I can sew.

I can wrap presents.

I can sing alto.

I can shop for bargains.

I can teach a class.

I can advocate for my children.

I can paint (walls).

I can make piles of papers.

I can organize.

I can send thank you notes.

I can hug and kiss.

I can attend church.

I can miss my parents.

I can love and appreciate my siblings.

I can appreciate antiques, and old things.

I can return phone calls and email messages.

I can plant a garden, and can and freeze the vegetables.

I can coordinate a wedding.

I can play scrabble.

I can do logic problems, and number puzzles.

I can care enough to lie awake at night, looking for solutions.

I can listen.

I can drink diet soda.

I can read a map.

I can read books to preschoolers.

I can love, even when it hurts.

I can be diplomatic.

I can try again.

I can plan menus in the grocery store.

I can try new recipes.

I can make my grandma's pickle relish.

I can say the names of the books of the Bible.

I can pray.

I can do counted cross stitch.

I can cook and bake.

I can search the web.

I can make this list in 15 minutes without writing "but" after any of them, even though I was thinking it.

Updated to add: I didn't know the origin of this when I did it - just saw it on another foster mom's blog, and thought it looked interesting. I've now tracked back to find the idea behind it:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Two Things

Earlier this week was Delurking Day - when readers (both of you?) are supposed to come out of lurkdom long enough to let us know you're reading this blog. We missed it, since fighting sinus infection seemed more important this week than anything I *wanted* to be doing instead. So - you still have an opportunity to let me know you're there. If you're so shy you just can't comment, please send an email to kander04 at (you know how to type it), and say, "I'm here, and you should post more often so I don't waste my time," or whatever you'd like to say.

In other news, Whistle's been a hoot today. He's always saying something that makes me laugh. This afternoon, I was lying on the bed, and he brought the ear thermometer to check my temperature. He put it in (sort of), pushed the button and waited for the beep, then checked it and said, "No, you don't have diarrhea!"

At bedtime, he began praying a fervent prayer, but apparently got distracted, and began sing-songing his words. When he finished, he said, "Amen. The end. That's all. Good-niiii-ight." I know - you had to be there to get that one, but trust me -- he's a joy a minute.

And speaking of Whistle, school is going WELL!! We're happy, thankful, and relieved.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Children Are Waiting

Turn up your computer volume, and watch this. Then share it with your friends.

Are they waiting for you?

The song is "As Big As My Heart" by Jaime Fox.

Hat tip to

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Company Girl!

Rachel at Home Sanctuary tells a very sweet story about how the term Company Girl came about. You can read about it here. She goes on to share her thoughts about sanctuary, involving Peace, Order, and Beauty, and her plans to do small things to make a difference in their lives this year, inviting others to join her. You can read about it here. She writes it this way: We'll have three general categories for our 5 minute Small Things.

Peace: What are some ways that you bring peace in your relationships? How do you create a peaceful atmosphere? This category includes your spiritual life.
Order: What are simple things you do to create quick order in your daily life? It can be cleaning, organizing, scheduling, budgeting etc.
Beauty: How do you bring beauty into your home in ways that please the senses? What are things you do to make your home feel good?

I'm not a New Year's Resolution type person, but do take stock of my life this time of year, and this sounds like a good way to move in the direction of becoming the person God would have me to be. Won't you join us?