Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just ask the Kids. They Know!

I don't know how Whistle gets anything from the television at all, because he seldom sits still in front of it. He does keep an eye and ear on it apparently (as he shoots baskets a few feet away), and he usually knows more about what's going on than I do. He has a solution for the children with no hair that he's seen on the hospital commercials. He said, "If they let them go home, then they can have hair, but they can't have hair at the hospital."

Watching tv the other night, Whistle asked if another show was going to be on. (I think it was what he calls "No Deal or No Deal.") I said "No," meaning there was not going to be another segment of the same show on. When he walked through the room a little later, he said, "SEE, Mom! I TOLD you there was going to be another one." It was a news program. Go figure.

Today before church services began, granddaughter E. noted that "Some people are missing." Her mother agreed, and asked, "WHO is missing?" Emma's response was, "Everybody else!!" Duh.

And now - a word from Father. He bought a compound miter saw the other day, and when I was surprised that he'd gotten it that morning, he said, "I needed to get $10.00 for the haircut." Yeah, right. That's what we'd all do. Go to the big L. store to get cash for the barber. Good idea. I'll have to keep that in mind. ;-)

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strem said...

It was great seeing Whistle and Father yesterday, and I was very happy to hear some of Whistle's stories firsthand. And, I need to keep Father's logic in mind.... :)