Thursday, April 10, 2008

Riding with Joe in the Van

Joe: "Mom, where you goin'? You goin' to Whistle's school? Then where you goin'? Then where you goin'? Who's goin' first? Why you slowin' down? Why you stopping? Mom, look at my apple. Mom, look at my apple. Mom, look at my apple up here. Now look at my apple. Why you turning? Why he doin' that? What's he doin'? Why you goin' too fast? You tryin' to get a license? Why you goin' fast? Why you slowin' down? Why you stoppin'? Why you turnin'? Who lives there? Who works there? Who lives there? What's that water doin'? What's that water doin' on the road? Why you stoppin? Why you turning around? Where you goin' mom? Why we goin' there? What's that car doin'? Why? Why we goin' here?"

Teenager: "Can you quit talking?"
Joe: "Yes."

(10 seconds later)
Joe: "Where you goin' mom? Why you turnin'?"

Friday, April 4, 2008

Two Unrelated Ideas

There hasn't been much that's newsworthy, so I'll share these with you today:
Last night when I was making the boys' favorite supper (pancakes, sausage and eggs), Whistle picked up an egg from the carton, and solemnly told Joe, "If this egg wasn't dead, it might have a chicken in it!"

And a good thought for today:

One should take children's philosophy to heart. They never despise a bubble because it burst; they immediately set to work to blow another one.