Friday, September 7, 2007

Do We REALLY Want That Award?

Yesterday, Father and I drove to St. Louis for an appointment for Whistle. We were consulting with a new pediatric GI, in hopes that he and the feeding team that work with him could help Whistle tolerate his g tube feeds better, and move toward more oral feeding (a long process that deserves its own post another day). Father took the day off work to go along, and we left with extra time for excursions. We had a leisurely breakfast on the way, and shopped for slacks and jeans at an outlet mall. After our afternoon appointment, we drove home the scenic way, with plans to stop at our favorite meat store, Swiss Meat and Sausage Co. Swiss Meat Co. is in the area of Hermann, MO, a well-known settlement of folks with German ancestry, and famous wine producing area. It was getting late in the afternoon, and we began to realize we might not make it before their closing time. Without realizing it, as we left the town of Hermann, Father apparently was hurrying a little too much, and the local traffic law enforcer stopped us.

This officer was very nice, and very patient, as we hunted to locate our insurance verification in the glove compartment. When we finally located it, he asked us to wait for a moment, while he went back to his car. Whistle got all excited, and happily said, "Daddy!! You might get a CERTIFICATE for WAITING!!" He brought a lot of joy to what could have been a nerve wracking event -- after all, we were already running late, and now we were waiting for our certificate!! We would have laughed really hard (and later we DID), but we didn't want to do anything to distress our friendly policeman! In the end, he was compassionate enough to just ask Father to slow down, and watch the signs more closely, and we were on our way. We arrived at the meat company after their closing time, but there were still shoppers inside, and they welcomed us in.

Swiss Meats is not on the way to ANYWHERE, but well worth the trip if you're anywhere in the area. We recommend it!


strem said...

Cute story. I'm afraid I've received way too many certificates for waiting in my time, and I'm trying to cut down on them. Glad you were able to still enter the store. It all sounds delicious!

Chris said...

The other night I was leaving a deacon's home and visiting with a member who had gone with me. We were talking of what a great evening it was, and then I saw a patrol car, looked at my speed and knew I was in trouble.

Well, he was kind, and since it was late and no children present, he let me go with a warning. I was happy, I haven't had a ticket in several years and didn't want one then!

So now I am watching my speedometer better!

I enjoyed the story, especially Whistle's excitement!