Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February Showers Bring March Flowers!

Sadie, Kerry, and Liz

That's not exactly the way the saying goes, but in our family, it's true this year. We're on the final countdown to George and Liz's wedding. According to Liz, George has moved from counting days to counting hours. As for me - I'm counting things crossed off my to-do list (or to be more accurate, counting things still ON my to-do list)!
Just over 4 days from now, they will be Mr. and Mrs. George York. God has blessed them both, and all of us, in their 'togetherness.' It's such a wonderful blessing to see how God's plans for her are being fulfilled. It's truly a case of two becoming one, as we see how George makes her complete. We look forward to the future, as we wait to see what God has in store for them as a couple, a family, and as children of the Heavenly Father.

Last weekend, her friend Kerry hosted a bridal shower for her, and it was great fun to be with Kerry, her sister Sadie, and mother Anne again. Liz and Kerry became friends in first grade, and they were very sad when we moved away just before 6th grade. The girls stayed in touch through junior high, making summer and holiday visits to each others' homes. In high school, they were busier with school and work, but both sang in their high school show choirs, and they looked forward to competitions where they could catch up again with the latest news. When college time came, they were reunited, and spent 4 years as roommates and housemates. Liz went to grad school, Kerry married, and two years later, with Liz's move and new job, they're happy to be together in the same city again. Life brings changes, though, and although George and Liz will be settling there, Kerry's husband, Dan, is being transferred to Florida! They will be moving away at the same time the newlyweds will be settling in. Thankfully -- friendships like theirs withstand the tests of time, and when they do get together, they just pick up where they left off. Today, being across the country is not much further than next door, when you have cell phones and the Internet. Thanks Kerry, Anne, and Sadie for such a nice evening. We really enjoyed being with you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'll Give You a Nickel . . .

When the B.maidenname children were very young, our paternal grandfather was a Nebraska farmer several hundred miles away. They couldn't get away often, but as I remember it, Grandpa and Grandma B came about once a year to visit. He was from the old school, and had some peculiarities, but they endeared him to us. He was one of a kind. When he came to visit, we could count on three things. [In the style of top ten lists, saving the best for last, we'll start with #3.] 3. He wore his 'good' (probably felt?) cowboy hat, which he carefully set on top of the lampshade when he arrived, and we knew not to touch it. 2. He carried his toothbrush in his front shirt pocket when he traveled away from home. 1. The most interesting thing to his 3 young granddaughters: He was the only man we ever knew of who wore sock garters. Sock garters! We couldn't imagine such a thing. If you aren't familiar with them you can see them at The Vermont Country Store . When they came to visit, he arrived, took off his hat, and sat down in the living room. We couldn't wait to get to him to see if that was a REAL toothbrush in his pocket, and to lift his slacks to check and see if he had his garters on. He would let us look, touch, and giggle for a few minutes, then he'd reach into his pocket and say, "I'll give you a nickel to leave me alone . . . . "

It could be that you had to be there to understand it, but those are such sweet memories to my sisters, brother and me, that to this day we still say, "I'll give you a nickel if . . . ." When Grandpa died, one of my sisters had the forethought to ask Dad to save us one of his nickels from the change on his dresser, so we each still have one of Grandpa's nickels. A nickel; only five cents; but a lifetime of childhood memories contained within.

Internet Safety/Nicknames/Foster kiddos

There are as many ideas about blogging as there are bloggers, and each has their own idea about what should be public or private, and what's safe to put on the web for all to view. There are horror stories out there, but I'm not one known for jumping on the latest bandwagon. However, considering that we've not only 'had children' but we've 'built a family,' and some family members have history prior to joining the And one more makes . . . family, I think it's prudent to exercise a little caution.

Thus, I now declare, henceforth and forevermore (or until I change my mind), the children in this family shall be known by their new And one more makes . . . nicknames. Those who know us will know who is who (or who is whom, or whatever), and those who don't know us are probably not reading anyway, so it doesn't matter. Besides that -- I think it will be fun!

Therefore, let it be known that M. shall heretofore be known as Teenager. The youngest young man amongst us will be known as Whistle, because that's what his dad calls him occasionally; and the most recent to arrive in our family shall be called Happy, naturally. She certainly is happy, and it wouldn't be fair to call her shewhograbssomethingandrunsawayasfastasshecantoseeifyou'llchaseafterher, anyway. That leaves just one to name -- a very special young man who joined our family a long time ago. So long ago that we can't IMAGINE what our lives would have been like had he not become one of us, and for this nickname, I need some help. I'm having a contest to choose D.'s nickname, and for the winner -- I'll give you a (virtual) nickel. There's a story behind the nickel, but that will have to wait for another day. So, don't everyone jump up at once now, but let me know what you'd like to see D. called in the And one more makes . . . ? world.

That brings me to a related subject - photos. I know, we probably have some of the cutest kids on the planet, especially the preschoolers, but because of the policies protecting these little ones (and protecting them is what foster families are all about, anyway), we won't be able to post any pics of the kiddos who don't share our last name. Even though we have some pics, in fact, have quite a few. Okay, lots. We do have lots of photos, and we'd love to share them with you. But you'll have to come visit, okay?

Now, are you thinking of names for D.? And while we're at it, how about one for the father of them all. After all, I already have a name: Other Mother, of course!

Overheard at the Basketball Game

Thanks to D.'s friend Colleen, we had a handful of tickets to the MU - Oklahoma basketball game this evening at the Mizzou Arena. Both Teenager and D. invited friends to go along. Teenager invited a new friend from her homeschooling co-op, and D. invited one of his Special Olympics sports buddies. Actually, we traded Happy (who would NOT enjoy a basketball game) for D.'s friend. Thanks Trish for babysitting!

Early in the first half, Whistle looked up at the giant screen above the court, pointed and excitedly said, "I KNOW HIM!!" We looked up to see the camera focused on Mike Anderson, the new Mizzou head basketball coach. Whistle said, "I know him! He's one of my posters!"
Later in the game, Whistle heard the student section chanting and wondered what they were saying, asking "What's his name? De Fense?" A daily delight that boy is!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14 has become a Hallmark holiday, but it's still a good time to let your sweetie know you appreciate him (or her).

So . . . personal to my own honey/darling/sweetheart . . . I love you all the way to the moon . . . and back -- twice!

Ice, Ice Baby #4 (Or #1, Depending. . .)

In this life, we live and learn, and that includes internet blogging. Today I've learned that it doesn't work to make multiple posts, unless you adjust for backward order. I'd welcome help via email or comments. For now, though . . . read the original Ice, Ice post for photo explanation.

Ice, Ice Baby #3

Ice, Ice Baby #2

Ice, Ice Baby

It's snowing again today . . . no school for F. He's the only one with school affected by weather closings, but the rest of our family schedule is always altered, too: therapies, appointments, Head Start for I. They might not be canceled or closed, but it's not always wise to try to get out on the roads if we don't need to. On snow days we tend to sleep in a little longer, linger over a hot breakfast, and then later in the day, try to accomplish something we wouldn't otherwise -- like sorting toys in the bedroom, or getting to the bottom of the laundry baskets. We aren't predicted to get a lot of ice with this storm, but I've been wanting to share these photos. First check out the ice pictures here: Newfoundland Frozen Waves .

Liz sent me these photos, which say they are from Versoix, Switzerland, a town close to Geneva City, Switzerland, according to the accompanying note. The Leman Lake is in the background.
As we sing -- "Our God is an Awesome God!"

Out of the mouths of babes

At the Burger King playplace this weekend, I was having a discussion with a five year old about her new pink snow boots, which she was very excited about. I told her that F. had some just like them, only his were blue. Her friend has blue ones, she said. When I asked if her friend was a girl or a boy, she said, "She's a girl." A moment later, she said, "Her name's Christopher!"

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Joining the Bloggers

Sometimes I run across things I'd like to share -- a funny story, a clever writing, a cute picture, a meaningful moment, or a question I'm pondering. I'm inviting you, my friends, to share these things with me, and let me know what you think!