Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February Showers Bring March Flowers!

Sadie, Kerry, and Liz

That's not exactly the way the saying goes, but in our family, it's true this year. We're on the final countdown to George and Liz's wedding. According to Liz, George has moved from counting days to counting hours. As for me - I'm counting things crossed off my to-do list (or to be more accurate, counting things still ON my to-do list)!
Just over 4 days from now, they will be Mr. and Mrs. George York. God has blessed them both, and all of us, in their 'togetherness.' It's such a wonderful blessing to see how God's plans for her are being fulfilled. It's truly a case of two becoming one, as we see how George makes her complete. We look forward to the future, as we wait to see what God has in store for them as a couple, a family, and as children of the Heavenly Father.

Last weekend, her friend Kerry hosted a bridal shower for her, and it was great fun to be with Kerry, her sister Sadie, and mother Anne again. Liz and Kerry became friends in first grade, and they were very sad when we moved away just before 6th grade. The girls stayed in touch through junior high, making summer and holiday visits to each others' homes. In high school, they were busier with school and work, but both sang in their high school show choirs, and they looked forward to competitions where they could catch up again with the latest news. When college time came, they were reunited, and spent 4 years as roommates and housemates. Liz went to grad school, Kerry married, and two years later, with Liz's move and new job, they're happy to be together in the same city again. Life brings changes, though, and although George and Liz will be settling there, Kerry's husband, Dan, is being transferred to Florida! They will be moving away at the same time the newlyweds will be settling in. Thankfully -- friendships like theirs withstand the tests of time, and when they do get together, they just pick up where they left off. Today, being across the country is not much further than next door, when you have cell phones and the Internet. Thanks Kerry, Anne, and Sadie for such a nice evening. We really enjoyed being with you!


strem said...

I'm thankful for the inventions that keep long-distance friends close. And, I am thankful for your words about George and Liz becoming one. How beautiful!

lydia said...

It's great to hear the shower went well. I wish some of us from LF could have been there to share in the fun.