Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mmm, Mmm, Good

Today, Whistle and I went to a local blueberry place (is it called a farm? a patch? an orchard?) and picked blueberries. Usually they are ready much earlier than they were this year, and the season has lasted longer than usual, also. I think picking in mid-July is pretty rare here. If you haven't picked blueberries - I'd recommend you find a place to do it -- it's so much fun! It's easy to see which ones are ready to be picked, and they roll right into your palm with a little nudge. No thorns, no mess, just a fun way to spend some time with the kids, and get dessert at the same time!

I can't say that Whistle enjoyed it as much as I did, but he did get a few berries into his bucket before he got distracted. After that, he sat on the ground and sang, looked at what other people around us were doing, and kept checking to see if it was time to go to swimming lessons. In other years, I've been accompanied by Sarah, Hugger, or foster children, and it's always a great experience.

We were blessed with blueberries for the freezer a few weeks ago from the foster care food pantry, but I just couldn't resist a few more to eat fresh. A bowl of blueberries, a little milk or 1/2 and 1/2 (or ice cream) over the top -- it doesn't get much better as far as I'm concerned.

One more note about Whistle's swimming lessons. This is the first year he's been tall enough to be in the "big pool," and once he realized he could touch the bottom and still "breave," he was ready to go. He missed the first day while we took Hugger to camp, but caught up quickly the second day. He tried jumping in from the side, and after two times, wanted to jump in without assistance. He did report later that once he went "way, way, WAY under," but still was very proud and excited. He's also jumping off the board into the instructor's arms, so of course that's fun, too. He's half finished -- 4 more days next week, and although he won't be doing rhythmic breathing when he's finished with this session, he will have gained a lot of confidence in the water, and that's the first step.

This post is dedicated to my friend (you know who you are) who is nagging me about not posting to the blog. Here's to you, my dear! Also - stay tuned for Alaska photos!