Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Overheard at the Basketball Game

Thanks to D.'s friend Colleen, we had a handful of tickets to the MU - Oklahoma basketball game this evening at the Mizzou Arena. Both Teenager and D. invited friends to go along. Teenager invited a new friend from her homeschooling co-op, and D. invited one of his Special Olympics sports buddies. Actually, we traded Happy (who would NOT enjoy a basketball game) for D.'s friend. Thanks Trish for babysitting!

Early in the first half, Whistle looked up at the giant screen above the court, pointed and excitedly said, "I KNOW HIM!!" We looked up to see the camera focused on Mike Anderson, the new Mizzou head basketball coach. Whistle said, "I know him! He's one of my posters!"
Later in the game, Whistle heard the student section chanting and wondered what they were saying, asking "What's his name? De Fense?" A daily delight that boy is!

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