Friday, January 25, 2008

I Can!

I've thought of a half-dozen things I'd like to write about, but have been fighting a sinus headache for days, and can't get it together enough to think clearly enough to write.

So for now . . . I'll do the list of things that "I Can" - and count my blessings instead.

I can play the piano.

I can host 22 people in my home for several days.

I can get a lot of things done very quickly when I need to.

I can relax and play instead, too.

I can organize all the spices in my cupboard alphabetically.

I can make a holiday meal, and enjoy every minute of it.

I can collect enough gingerbread men to populate a city.

I can raise other people's children as my own.

I can laugh at my mistakes.

I can encourage others.

I can roller skate, and ride a bicycle.

I can fly in a hot air balloon.

I can ride roller coasters - twice each.

I can sew.

I can wrap presents.

I can sing alto.

I can shop for bargains.

I can teach a class.

I can advocate for my children.

I can paint (walls).

I can make piles of papers.

I can organize.

I can send thank you notes.

I can hug and kiss.

I can attend church.

I can miss my parents.

I can love and appreciate my siblings.

I can appreciate antiques, and old things.

I can return phone calls and email messages.

I can plant a garden, and can and freeze the vegetables.

I can coordinate a wedding.

I can play scrabble.

I can do logic problems, and number puzzles.

I can care enough to lie awake at night, looking for solutions.

I can listen.

I can drink diet soda.

I can read a map.

I can read books to preschoolers.

I can love, even when it hurts.

I can be diplomatic.

I can try again.

I can plan menus in the grocery store.

I can try new recipes.

I can make my grandma's pickle relish.

I can say the names of the books of the Bible.

I can pray.

I can do counted cross stitch.

I can cook and bake.

I can search the web.

I can make this list in 15 minutes without writing "but" after any of them, even though I was thinking it.

Updated to add: I didn't know the origin of this when I did it - just saw it on another foster mom's blog, and thought it looked interesting. I've now tracked back to find the idea behind it:


strem said...

Great exercise! I love that we keep learning more things about you, and I always love what I learn!

FemaleJewishBlogger said...

Ended up on your blog through the aidel maidel site.
It's so interesting to see what people write!
I did the list too, and the hardest part was wanting to write "but" and "though" after each sentence!!!!!

good job!

mother in israel said...

I had to stop myself from writing I can. . . not!

J Ehlers said...

What a great exercise. We focus way too much on what we can't do or what we should be doing better.

mama o' the matrices said...

What a great list! And tell us more about that pickle relish...

(gee, it's been ages since i did embroidery. Suddenly, I miss it.)