Friday, January 11, 2008

Two Things

Earlier this week was Delurking Day - when readers (both of you?) are supposed to come out of lurkdom long enough to let us know you're reading this blog. We missed it, since fighting sinus infection seemed more important this week than anything I *wanted* to be doing instead. So - you still have an opportunity to let me know you're there. If you're so shy you just can't comment, please send an email to kander04 at (you know how to type it), and say, "I'm here, and you should post more often so I don't waste my time," or whatever you'd like to say.

In other news, Whistle's been a hoot today. He's always saying something that makes me laugh. This afternoon, I was lying on the bed, and he brought the ear thermometer to check my temperature. He put it in (sort of), pushed the button and waited for the beep, then checked it and said, "No, you don't have diarrhea!"

At bedtime, he began praying a fervent prayer, but apparently got distracted, and began sing-songing his words. When he finished, he said, "Amen. The end. That's all. Good-niiii-ight." I know - you had to be there to get that one, but trust me -- he's a joy a minute.

And speaking of Whistle, school is going WELL!! We're happy, thankful, and relieved.


Neicy said...

De Lurking.
Foster Parent from Australia

strem said...

Well, you know I'm here... and will continue to be here. I bet Whistle is so cute when saying these things!

mamatutwo said...

Hello! I am delurking as well (though this is my first visit to your site, so maybe I've never lurked here, just barged right in!). Mama to three of my own, and I think that's all. You know, I keep hearing that little whisper in my ear.....I don't think my husband's hearing it yet. So, I'm just waiting on His plan...:)
Visit my site to see my kiddos. I'd love for you to visit!

Lepidoptera said...

Time to delurk and let you know that I have started reading your blog too since you posted to Keepers about it. It was fun to see Liz's wedding pics. Thanks for sharing them!