Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Company Girl!

Rachel at Home Sanctuary tells a very sweet story about how the term Company Girl came about. You can read about it here. She goes on to share her thoughts about sanctuary, involving Peace, Order, and Beauty, and her plans to do small things to make a difference in their lives this year, inviting others to join her. You can read about it here. She writes it this way: We'll have three general categories for our 5 minute Small Things.

Peace: What are some ways that you bring peace in your relationships? How do you create a peaceful atmosphere? This category includes your spiritual life.
Order: What are simple things you do to create quick order in your daily life? It can be cleaning, organizing, scheduling, budgeting etc.
Beauty: How do you bring beauty into your home in ways that please the senses? What are things you do to make your home feel good?

I'm not a New Year's Resolution type person, but do take stock of my life this time of year, and this sounds like a good way to move in the direction of becoming the person God would have me to be. Won't you join us?


strem said...

Thanks for making this post. The site is very encouraging, and this DOES sound like a good way of finding some peace and order. Please keep us posted on your celebrations along the way!

The Correspondent said...

Thanks for stopping by on Mom's recommendation.

I've enjoyed reading your blog as well.

Lisa, The Correspondent