Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Tour - Nativites

I didn't get in on the blog Christmas house tours - I haven't even looked at others' home tours yet, but still wanted to share some of our fun and family items with you.

First, a nativity made by Sarah's in-laws. Richard handled the saw, and Janet sanded, painted, and stained.

The focal point of a large set given to us by my sister Jeanne, aka mbs (for my best sister -- a family joke). This set also includes a barn, a hill, camels, horses and a cart, sheep and shepherd, fences, palm trees and a little drummer boy (I should look up where his story comes from). I wonder why Joseph has his back to us?


Christine said...

These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

strem said...

I have absolutely loved the Christmas tour around your house. Of course, you must know I have a special fondness for the all of the handmade items, and your mother's creations are beautiful. They must mean so much to you. You have really made your home beautiful and comfortable for your family, and each time I visit, I feel that way. Thank you so much for sharing all of your special decorations and memories. These posts were such a treat to read.