Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Evening

Miss Teenager is on the road to improvement, and we're thanking God for His mercy. Although she still struggles with nausea, she has had some periods without as much headache, and some times when she wants to eat a little. She continues on the DHE medicine for now, and it will be reevaluated tomorrow. We do see a light at the end of the tunnel today, and we are relieved and thankful.

An interesting side note is that we heard today that one of Teenager's classmates, her math partner, is also having a similar headache that has lasted two weeks. There are only 14 high school students, so it would be reasonable to think that it was the same virus that the two girls are dealing with, rather than a coincidence, since neither have had migraine type headaches before.
Today I learned that the virus diagnosis and migraine are not mutually exclusive. Apparently, it could be a virus that triggered the migraine.

Your cards, calls and prayers are appreciated.

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