Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday update

God has blessed us with many prayerful and supportive friends during this time, and we are so appreciative. We've had hospital visitors, hospital companions, errand runners, phone callers, emailers and many prayer partners, and each one of you is loved. I thank my God upon each remembrance of you.

All of Teenager's lab and MRI/MRA results are in and show no signs of meningitis, tick bite diseases, or other similar (scary) diagnoses. Once again, we've returned to the possibility that it may be a migraine, even though it doesn't fit typical migraine patterns. It's too early in the IV treatment (DHE, for those pharmacetical types among us) for pain relief, but she does seem to be under less stress this evening, and we're thankful for that. If this specific treatment works, then I believe they will be more sure it is a migraine. Time will tell. It's a 3 day IV, beginning yesterday evening.

Father and I had expected to be away at training today and tomorrow, and those plans were changed, but all is well. Because we'd expected to be gone, Sarah had arranged to be off and available for her girls and Whistle, which made it much easier at home. Thanks, Sarah, and all who are pinch-hitting in my absence.

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