Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday - Heading Home from the Hospital

Miss Teenager's headache is much better following the DHE medication, and we are headed home later today. Most of the time she is pain free, with a little return in the afternoons. They are adjusting medication to help that, and it sounds like she will stay on a migraine preventative medication for a while.

As the adolescent specialist left today, he said that this is the first time he's had to use steroids for a headache, so it must have been atypical, even for a migraine. We are grateful to live near a teaching hospital, with lots of services and specialists available.

Regarding Teenager's math partner from school, she is now her hospital roommate. :-) She is going through the same steps of investigation and treatment, and hopefully she will respond to treatment soon.

Next week - we'll hope to return with more "normal" posting. Medical updates aren't much fun. I much prefer kid stories!

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W. Latane Barton said...

Glad teenager is going home and is relatively pain free. That's good news indeed