Monday, March 17, 2008

Update on the Boys

Our two newest residents are settling in, and we're having a good time together. Actually I should say they're having a good time with Whistle. The boys are fast friends, and love playing (actively, loudly) together.

I'm going to call the older of the two boys "Joe," because he looks like a certain Joe did when that Joe was much younger. His younger brother will be called "Andy." Last night the boys were playing horse. Not basketball horse, but ride-on-each-others'-backs horse. They tried different combinations of horse and rider, but settled on the fact that Whistle was strongest, and thus the best horse. After school today they were yelling, calling, directing each other in their play, and it was l-o-u-d loud. It didn't seem to matter than I reminded them over and over to hold it down - this was horse they were playing, and that horse was wild! They were so excited to be back together after each spent the day at their respective schools.

Andy is now able to walk on his cast, and Joe does a great job of scooting around on his hands and one knee, dragging his cast, and pushing with it occasionally when he's really in a hurry (and he thinks I'm not looking). Since we haven't seen these guys without leg casts which slow them down, I wonder what it will be like when they can actually run?

Also, considering the number of trucks, cars, blocks and toys on the floor, and the noise level, I wonder how long it will be before we can all get outside to play? It's raining today and tomorrow, but maybe sunny spring will be here soon.

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Ours said...

I can hear the noise level now if I concentrate enough! and feel the FUN! I wanna play!!!

I find it hilarious that Whistle was chosen to be the horse! I can imagine he took his job very seriously!!!