Monday, March 17, 2008

Dental Check-up

Teenager and Whistle had dental check-ups and cleanings today. We drive past his school whenever we leave home, and Whistle was worried about the cars arriving at school, and missing out. On the way to the dental office, Whistle was showing his trepidation, and started counting his teeth (so the dentist wouldn't have to)! He announced that he had 5 teeth. The waiting room time was very long for him, and he got nervous enough to try to adjust the window blinds, among other things. As for his 5 teeth, the hygienist told him he probably had twice that many, and when she counted, she came up with 20. Imagine that!

Because of his feeding issues and oral defensiveness, this office is not one of favorite places to visit, but he did come home with 4 teeth cleaned this time, and that's 4 more than the last visit. He got to choose a toy from the treasure chest -- anyone who knows him will know what he chose. A small 'superball.' He announced afterward that he'd been "very bwave."

Teenager got a clean bill of health and they each got a new toothbrush, too. All in all, a successful morning.

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Ours said...

Yay for check-ups and good dental reports!