Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Like most others we know, we've been dyeing/hiding/hunting eggs the last few days. Joe and Andy learned about Easter traditions at their pre-school with dyeing and an Easter egg hunt, Whistle dyed eggs at his school, and yesterday we had an egg hunt in the park with some of Whistle's birth siblings. Two of his sisters are 6 and 8, and one brother about 10. We met their foster families at a park, and Teenager helped others hide eggs for the younger ones to find. (One mom remarked that it sure took a LOT longer to hide them, than it did to find them!) Joe had the disadvantage of having me pushing his wheelchair during the egg hunt. I headed in the wrong direction, so even though there were two of us, his basket wasn't very full in the end. I kept thinking we'd find some soon, heading for the next tree, but unfortunately I didn't look behind us, to see that ALL the others had gone to the left when we went to the right. Bad decision on my part. Poor Joe. He was happy with his finds, though, and I was proud of him for not noticing or counting.

I found out something new about Joe, too. He doesn't like chocolate. Can you imagine? Being the chocolate and nut fiend that I am, I just don't get that. He was happy to share his chocolate with others, and they all had non-chocolate candy, gum, and nickels and dimes as well. Afterwards some of the older kids tossed a football around, and the younger examined and traded their treats. We enjoyed being out in the sunshine, even though it felt good to wear our jackets. After several rainy days this week, it was a nice day to be out. Unfortunately, Andy wasn't able to come along, as he has a stomach virus.

That same bug kept he and Joe and I home from church today (Andy was the only ailing one), and we had a quiet day, with Andy taking several naps on my lap. This evening he perked up some and played a little with the others, and now it looks like Whistle is the next to come down with what appears to be quite a contagious bug. Our big accomplishment for this Easter Sunday was to send our dinner with the others to church, and watch a re-run Lawrence Welk Easter show on television. The big hit for the day was the sunglasses the boys received in their plastic pail/Easter baskets, and they wore them to church, to visit at the hospital, or just held them in their hands while they slept, depending on who and when it was.

Hopefully, this little bug the boys have won't last long, as all three boys have medical appointments this week that we don't want to miss.

For the kids here, it's Happy Spring Break week, also!

Update: On Monday morning, I met some of Joe's birth family, and was told he LOVES chocolate, and will gorge himself on it! Since he's totally refused to eat a bite of it this week , I wonder if he overdid it and now can't handle the thought of it. Hmmm . . . .


Big Red Driver said...

Just found your blog and I love it! Sounds busy there.

strem said...

If this is the case, I totally understand. After eating and eating and eating MMs one night until I was sick to my stomach, I declared that I no longer liked chocolate. That's why the white chocolate bunny tradition began. Thankfully, after several years, that aversion went away... :)