Tuesday, October 16, 2007

She Has A Polder :-)

I love spending time with our granddaughters. Yesterday I needed to go to Kansas City, and Sarah and E. rode along. I like having the whole family together sometimes, but especially enjoy the kids one-on-one. Emma makes me laugh with her constant talking, whether by herself in the back of the van; or in bed at night, talking herself to sleep. Two things she said yesterday were especially funny.

She learned yesterday how to sit on an exercise ball and do sit-ups. Later she wanted to do it again, and she asked to do those "laying jacks."

Then on the way home, I shared my drink with her, and she assured me she could keep it in the back, because she had a polder. "A what?" I asked? "A polder." It took me a minute - but then it came to me: a cu(p) polder!

She's a sweetie!

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strem said...

She IS such a sweetie. That is so cute. I'm afraid it would have taken me a long time to figure that out.