Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Apparently, It Depends on Your Point of View

I've tried more than once to post pics of the wonderful field trip I took with Whistle and his class, but every time I've tried, Blogger was having uploading issues with pictures. Eventually I will share them with you.

For now, though; a conversation I had with Teenager, when I asked her to taste the pasta salad I'd just finished making (because I didn't like the pour-and-mix-some-things-together dressing I'd just concocted):

Other Mother: Here, taste this salad!

Teenager: It's good.

If you like it.

But I don't.

(And she spit it in the wastebasket).

1 comment:

strem said...

I too have had blogger picture loading issues. Hope they clear up soon - as we'd love to see the photos.

About Teenager... I guess some people's tastebud-to-brain connection is a little slower than others??? :)