Tuesday, October 16, 2007

F is for Fun!

Last week, a friend came home from school with Whistle. Curious George is making the rounds, visiting at home with each one from the class. In his denim travel bag is a book, a journal, and George himself. Students read the alphabet book with their parents, and George "helps" them look for things that begin with the letter of the week: for Whistle's week, it was the letter F. The family writes in the journal about the adventures with George, and all the things they find that begin with their letter, adding pictures or drawings of the fun they had together.

The night Curious George arrived was McTeacher Night, a school fundraiser at McDonald's. Father and Whistle went to McDonald's, where they took pictures of Whistle, Mrs. Experiencedteacher, and Curious George, sharing some french fries.

At home, they found the giant sun flower.

The next day his class went on a field trip to a special farm. There, George tried to hide in the sun flowers, and he found the guinea fowl feathers around the fence (see the photo above). At lunch time, they looked in Whistle's lunch bag, and found crackers that look like gold fish.

On the way home, we stopped at WalMart, and looked for more things that start with the letter F. Whistle and Curious George were both happy when Curious George found a friend!

At the end of the week, Whistle celebrated F week with Curious George by sharing Fun Fruit snacks with Curious George's picture on them with his classmates.

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strem said...

So much FUN! I like George's friend and the beautiful pictures.