Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whistle says . . .

This afternoon:
Whistle: Do you know what I'm doing?
Teenager: What?
Whistle: I'm giving mom a Gentle Hug.
Teenager: That's nice.

Whistle (from his bed in the bedroom): Mom?
Other Mother: What?
Whistle: Come here.
Other Mother: Why?
Whistle: I need you.
I need something to sleep with.
Mom (in Whistle's bedroom): How about . . . . a dinosaur?
Whistle: How about . . . . Clifford?
Mom: Oh - Clifford. This week is "C"! C is for Clifford!
Whistle: (Smiles, and hugs Clifford)
Mom: Good night Whistle, Good Night Clifford. (leaves room)
(As mom walks down the hall)
Whistle: Mom?
Mom: What?
Whistle: Good-night.
Mom: Good-night.
(long pause)
Whistle: Mom?
Mom: What?
Whistle: I Love You!


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strem said...

So sweet. That Whistle sure is precious.