Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Game, Good Game!

Saturday was Whistle's first soccer game. Two practices - and suddenly it's game day. It was an adventure for sure. There are 3 boys and 2 girls on The Gray Team. One of the boys discovered his 'girlfriend' was on The Purple Team, so he said he'd steal from everyone except her! When she realized he was there, she ran to hug him, but he was all about the game, and wouldn't have anything to do with the hugging at that point. Playing 3 on 3 soccer - they were a mass of moving bodies and feet - staying in a tight clump up and down (and ON) the field. There were some reminders about which goal to kick toward, and forgetting that there is an out of bounds line. It was so much fun to watch! As for Whistle - he had a hard time staying on his feet, and practiced at home yesterday by playing basketball without rolling on the floor. He hasn't played team games before, so I think he was surprised about the game going on without him if he's on the grass! One of the boys had a good understanding of the game, and was intent on scoring. He also has a cast on his arm - his third broken bone. (Do you suppose he's a risk taker?) One of the girls tired easily, and wanted to take extra breaks. They all liked drink breaks, and loved the after-game juice drinks and snacks. Whistle was disappointed that HE didn't make a goal, and has yet to learn about helping the TEAM make goals. At this age, they don't keep score - so it's all for fun. He's anxious to play again this week, and wanted to know if they get to line up for "High Five / Good Game" again. He was excited about that part even before the first game. That must be what makes him a real athlete!

For a fun read about the female (magic glitter) side of kids' soccer, see what Amber Ferrell has to say HERE, HERE, HERE, and , and check out her great photos and photo blog while you're there.

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strem said...

That is so sweet! I used to referee games (high school on down), and I loved the little kids' games the best. They were - by far - the most entertaining.