Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Day of Summer School

Today was the first day of summer school. For granddaughter E., that meant the first day of SCHOOL, as they can go to summer school before actually starting kindergarten in the fall. She got up early, excited about going. A little TOO excited and nervous, in fact, and she lost her breakfast before leaving the house. She wasn't the least bit hesitant, though. She will be 6 in August, so has waited a l-o-n-g time for this day to come, and she was ready, even if a little queasy in her stomach.

C. wasn't all that excited about going back to school, but WAS excited about seeing her best friend Firecracker from the Ours family again. As soon as she saw her walking to class, she jumped into the line with her, and Firecracker said to me, "Will you call my mom and tell her I said, Hi?" I did, on my way out of the building. Things like that make the first day of school fun for all of us. As Firecracker's mom says, "That girl!"

Whistle was also excited. He knew exactly which outfit he wanted to wear. Our conversation went like this:

Whistle: I want those blue pants and that Nike shirt.
Other Mother: Which blue pants and Nike shirt?
Whistle: You know. The blue pants and Nike shirt!
Other Mother: I don't know which ones you mean.
Whistle: You know . . . that shirt that I go "AAARRRRAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!" and you go "Do you need help?"
I still didn't know, but now know that apparently he had trouble getting it on last time!

As the Mom from the Ours family and I both know - these later in life kids keep us on our toes!!

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