Sunday, March 9, 2008


At first glance, people have thought our two new boys are twins, but they are actually a year apart; two and three. They don't even have the same color hair, but are close in size, if you're not looking closely. However - some things are twin: sweatshirts, toe-to-hip leg casts (one right, one left), and wheelchairs! We knew they had casts before they came, and knew they were due to have new ones (which called for anesthetic) the day after they arrived. What we didn't know was that one was having actual surgery on his foot, and the other a more minor procedure. Thus, the unexpected wheelchairs, and restrictions on weight bearing for both boys; one for 6 weeks, the other a shorter time.

In training, I tell prospective foster parents that a good motto is "Be Flexible." This week it's being put into practice at this house! We're doing okay, one day at a time; both the boys and the foster family. Adjusting to each other, healing from the procedures, and today things are actually much better, because during the two days at the hospital with them, I came down with a case of the stomach flu. Bad. News. Feeling better now. So far, no one else shows signs of it except Whistle, who probably gave it to me in the first place.

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strem said...

I have been thinking of and praying for you all week. Hope you have maintained that flexibility, and hope everything has gone smoothly.