Monday, August 27, 2007

Kindness is Contagious

One of the challenges of foster parenting is influencing our children toward kindness and thoughtfulness in a world of negativity. We all tend to see the world as the world we've experienced, and often that world is a troubled one for kids who end up in foster care. Thus their world view is often slanted toward the negative, and clothing is one area where this shows up.

Styles for young ones are often sexualized and suggestive. Besides the styles being inappropriate, the printed words and pictures are often inappropriate as well. No one of any age needs to have suggestive sayings printed across their derriere or other personal areas, or for that matter, any words at all which would cause the eye to be attracted to that area.

Tee shirt sayings are getting worse every year, it seems, and in some stores it's very hard to find anything worth buying. Some glorify the negative, like "Dumber than I look," and "Really, I have no idea where my homework is." Others glorify the wearer, with sayings like "Because I'm awesome." Many, many shirts are put-downs -- put-downs of the reader of the shirt, the parents, the sister, actually anything! I saw some today that said, "You are so annoying," and "I wish I could help you (but I can't fix stupid)."

That's why it was refreshing today to run across this site: B*Kindwear. They have clothing in several size ranges, and have two cute logos, including line drawings of 4 children's faces, with the words 'Kindness is Contagious. ' Our actions should show kindness and the love of God shining through us, but now we can also 'wear it on our sleeves.' :-)

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strem said...

I love the shirt... and I agree. I am saddened by most of what I see on t-shirts these days. Thankfully, some folks are doing better than the norm. Thanks for sharing these cute designs.