Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summer School Report

After the last post, one of our daughters said it sounds like I'm one of those mothers that the school treats as troublesome, and someone they have to 'deal with.' I hope our school doesn't see it that way - it feels like we're more of a team, working together for the same goal. I've always said I didn't want to be one of those "stomping and screaming mothers in the office," and it is a lot more successful to try to be on the same team, instead of different sides. They may feel differently about it, though. ;-)

All in all, summer school was a successful experience. He loved going, and every day when I'd ask what he did today, he's say, "Ate lunch, and went outside" (exactly the same things Hugger used to talk about). Then later, when I wasn't asking, he'd offer information about his activities, or what another student did. He memorizes quickly, so sang songs from school often.

Snippets from the teachers' notes at the end of the session:
---He is very with it, and has a great memory. He is always repeating things that I said to him from the first week of school. Of course it makes me laugh :)
---He truly has a huge and kind heart.
---[Whistle] is such a lovable boy, and he is so special.
---I am very pleased with his progress just in the last week with his excitement about his name!
Just the sort of things a mother wants to hear!
On the other hand:
---He is having a bit of trouble relaxing at rest time, he says "The sun is out and that is telling me that it is not time to sleep."
---Some things you could practice with him at home are read alouds where he is not allowed to talk until the end of the book, and then he can share what he wants after raising his hand. (You can read between the lines about that one! Or see the post from June 10th.)
---(When writing his name) He is trying extremely hard, but when I try to help him he will not let me. Practicing with him and letting him know that it is okay to accept help will help him in the classroom.
Other things we will do at home are clothes pins play to strengthen his hands and improve coordination, more work on colors and numbers, and cutting. Anything we can do to stretch that very short attention span will be helpful, I'm sure!

Now, it's only a few weeks of summer, and school will start in mid-August!

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