Thursday, July 5, 2007

Interesting Menu

Whistle's been playing with counting bears (50 little bears in 5 colors, with matching cups for sorting). When he tires of counting and sorting - he's started playing Waiter, offering the bears as food. These are some of the things he offered me a couple of days ago.

French fries with pancakes
Cheese with cornbread
'Corn beef' with spaghetti
Spaghetti with orange juice . . . Or . . . Orange juice WITH spaghetti!
Strawberries and corn (". . . and the spoon is when you stir," he said.)

Today's offering was:
Ice cream with corn, chocolate, mushrooms and steak. Then he said he'd be right back with my dessert order!

1 comment:

strem said...

I love reading the stories about all of the young ones. Thank you for sharing them. (And you may want to have some Alka Seltzer ready for after that meal!!!) :)