Friday, May 25, 2007

Whistle Helps with Laundry

I was doing laundry today, folding and hanging clean clothes. I asked Whistle to bring me some hangers from his closet. He brought out three, and I asked for more. Next, he brought a shirt on a hanger. I said I needed hangers with NO shirts on them. He then brought about six more hangers.

This evening, I went into his room, and in a pile on the floor, I found the six shirts that WERE on the hangers earlier this morning. Way to follow directions, Whistle! Next time, just tell me there aren't any more hangers.


Liz said...

You know he takes things very literally!! I could have predicted that one! :)

strem said...

So helpful. Yet, not. Still humorous.

This reminded me of a funny story my podiatrist cousin told me. Immediately after starting his practice, he completed a foot surgery on a patient - one he lectured very sternly while pointing to the bandaged foot, "Keep this completely clean! Understand? Do not get this dirty!" Next week, my cousin was horrified when the patient returned... seeing his foot was filthy and running the risk of serious infection. He was so frustrated. When he calmed down to ask the patient why he didn't follow the instructions to keep it sterile and sanitized at all times, he about fell over when the patient reached into his coat pocket, gently unwrapped clean white tissue paper... only to reveal the very un-dirty, pristinely kept, completely sterile bandage that was originally wrapped around the patients' foot. My cousin learned that he had to be more specific with his patients' instructions than he ever expected.