Monday, May 21, 2007


Whistle says he "gradulated today." His Early Childhood Spec. Ed. program held a graduation for those going to kindergarten. Last Thursday they practiced "walking across the bridge, and not falling," marching to a vocalized Pomp and Circumstance, and talked about throwing their hats. All weekend he kept talking about the song we were going to sing, "Dum, dum (dum) dum, dum, dum." Those were the only notes he knew, but he regularly said, "Sing it with me!!" He was probably surprised by the recorded music today.

Being the ham he is - he stood on the (playground) bridge and waved to the adoring crowd of parents a few feet below, with a huge grin on his face. He was so proud, and we were proud of him! Kindergarten will bring a new set of challenges for him, but today was all about the accomplishments of the last 3 1/2 years.

In deference to the state's regulations, I won't post a real photo, but can't resist sharing a little snippet of the day with you. The students all had white caps and gowns (some on backwards - you-know-who included). We thought the boys were the cutest! Last year's boys couldn't keep theirs on without enough hair to pin them to, so this year the boys got a new version: the Mortarboard Baseball Cap!

"Congratulations Whistle, 'Gradulations' to you!!"


Liz said...

Very inventive photography mom! Are you sure there is a person under there? :) Great job Whistle!!

strem said...

How sweet! I can just picture Whistle doing what you described. He's so funny. Congratulations to Whistle... and congratulations to your family.

lydia said...

How cute! Congratulations Whistle! I can imagine how excited everyone is.