Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make-up Games in Tee Ball

Okay - it took a survey request to get me back to the blog again. Sorry. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter - what is the world coming to? (Actually, I don't twitter. I have just begun to text, though.) There must be some time for real life, which is pretty full in the summer!

Recent kid comments:

E. was showing me her foot the other day. She said she has a "pinky toe," 3 in the middle, and a "thumb toe!"

Also, I doubt if E. has a huge future in baseball. She has a make-up game scheduled for her tee ball team, and she said, "Grandma, I think I know what we're going to do at the make-up game. I think our team is going to chase the other team and see who can get all the make-up!"

Sarah, C. and E. are moving from our home next month. Whistle said, "When C. and E. move, can we look for more foster kids?" Probably eventually, but I thought it might be really interesting to see what it was like for only three (3!!) of us to be in this house. We'll see . . . . If they call with a baby with medical needs, I'm right on it. Otherwise, I guess we'll see. When Whistle asked me a question the other day, I answered, "We'll see." He cried and said, "We'll see means no!" In this case, though, it means . . . we'll see. And . . . when I jokingly mentioned "getting a new kid" to Ben yesterday, he said I should sign the "non-adoption clause" first. He should meet Claudia, Teresa, and all the others of you who really DO have big families. Here, we haven't managed to fulfil our blog name . . . And one more makes SIX!

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