Monday, January 26, 2009

We Need the Prayers of Those We Love

This post is a little after-the-fact, but I want to catch up those who haven't been in touch with us personally, I want to post more often, and this is what's on my mind.

Every night Whistle prays for all his siblings, usually naming them one by one. When Liz and George announced that they were expecting, he added their new baby as well (and now has added Ben and Julie's baby-on-the-way). In the last few weeks, he's been praying for Liz to "have a safe pregnancy, and a safe baby." That is unusual wording, but proved to be prophetic. Also, one of the men in Liz and George's church had a special burden for the babies, and suggested a special prayer meeting for them. This occured on Wednesday evening: specific prayers for the new babies - 3 month old twins, one of whom has a health problem; our granddaughter Charlotte, who arrived early -- the day before the prayer meeting was scheduled; and another who was due later, but also arrived early -- the day after the special prayer meeting. Little did we know then how much we would rely on Whistle's prayers, the prayer meeting, and the prayers of many others.

Early in the morning on Friday, less than 24 hours after they'd been dismissed from the hospital, I was going to enjoy some grandma and baby time. Before we even got to the family room, I fell with Charlotte in my arm (believing I was at the floor when there was actually one more step). Although in falling I broke through the drywall with my face, Charlotte remained cradled in my arm, as we landed on the ceramic tile floor. I'm certain hitting the wall first is what protected us from hitting the floor with more force. I had no warning or even a stumble to try to protect her - it was just God's hand that kept her close to me. I have a few scrapes and bruises but was protected as well. It could have been so much worse --there was a stud close by, an outside corner of the wall a few inches away on one side, and a door jam on the other. Another landing spot would have caused many more injuries, most likely to both of us.

Although we now know that she was unscathed, the next couple of days were spent with her in the children's hospital for observation, and it was an emotionally draining time for all of us. Charlotte is "doing the things babies do," as the neurosurgeon said, and we know this is only by God's grace. We cannot express how thankful we are for God's protection of this tiny little girl as we look back over the circumstances. Liz and George were wonderfully supportive through it all, and I thank God for them and their love. The prayers of our church brethren and friends are surely what kept us all going -- even those prayers that were prayed long before her birth.


W. Latane Barton said...

God did indeed cradle you two in His arms. So happy that neither of you were more seriously hurt.

Ours said...

Unbelievable story, but with a happy outcome!

Lepidoptera said...

Thankful that your granddaughter is all right and hope that you are too.

Cheri said...

Dear Heavens, Sister Karen! I am so glad you are both okay. Did you get yourself thoroughly checked out? That is an appalling degree of damage to the immediately makes me worry for your poor face and neck! (Worrywart trauma nurse here...)

love, and PRAYERS!
sis cheri

Liz said...

No- Sister Cheri...she didn't get fully checked out...she wouldn't even put ice on it until a good 10 hours after the fact. We tried to get her to get someone to look at it, but of course she was more worried about Charlotte. Thanks for backing us up!!

Mom of 7 said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and look forward to reading it regularly. I am so happy that you and your gorgeous granddaughter are okay. She truly is a beautiful baby!