Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

This meme has been circulating among some friends, and I thought I'd cross post my response here. Feel free to play along if you'd like to.

1. I was an AFS exchange student to Austria when I was 16.

2. I've played the piano since I was 7; and in high school band, played the tympani and the bells. When I was a senior, my best friend Elaine (now my sister-in-law) and I sat in with the fifth grade band, and learned to play the trombone. It didn't last long -- the director was patient, but when we became a distraction with our giggles . . . he wasn't that patient.

3. I've been married to Father for almost 35 years. We started dating when I was 16, and he was 18. We married a year after I graduated from high school. We thought we were grown up.

4. I joined the Primitive Baptist Church after we were engaged, and I was baptized in a small lake in Nebraska, in January. They cut 7 inches of ice for my baptism, and a 7 year old boy was also baptized that day. My first communion/foot washing service was the day after we were married a few months later. We were on our honeymoon in Colorado. My faith and belief is vitally important to me, but I'm not very talkative about it.

5. Father farmed with his dad the first two years we were married, and we farmed wheat, and raised cows/calves, and a few pigs. During a blizzard, he found a frozen new-born calf, and put it through our front window (onto our sofa), because the doors were blocked with snow. The calf lived a while on our enclosed back porch, but his legs were frozen badly, and eventually he died.

6. I can roller skate, but the ability to ice skate escaped me, no matter how hard I tried.

7. I've always wanted to be a good swimmer, but never could move efficiently through the water.

8. We've been foster parents for 30 years, and have had more than 160 kids in our home. I love foster parenting, and work with the foster parent support group, train prospective foster parents and write home studies.

9. I've been a SAHM all except 2 years, when I was a special ed teacher's aide.

10. We used to have a garden, but now go to the farmer's market when we can, instead. We also appreciate other people's abundance, and our church friends are very generous with their gardens.

11. We have 3 children by birth, 2 by adoption, and one more adoption planned in the next year or so. That will give us children from 6 to 32 years old. We have 5 granddaughters, and one more grandchild on the way.

12. Father and I both grew up in Nebraska, but there are no immediate family members left in that state. We're in Missouri, and our siblings live in Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas.

13. I like to sew, do cross stitch, and bake, but don't do much of any of them any more.

14. The sports we watch are the ones our kids are participating in. We've watched softball, tee ball, baseball (5 kids on 4 teams one summer), soccer, and 11 years of wrestling; and in Special Olympics: softball, soccer, basketball, bowling, and gymnastics.

15. I love southern gospel music! Bill Gaither and friends, Statler Brothers, Cathedrals, and all.

16. I also love singing a cappella from the hymn book with a congregation of believers, or singing with family or guests at home.

17. Our family vacation to Alaska last year was wonderful, and we'll treasure the memories forever. I wish we could travel every year! Time away from home is usually spent visiting family and attending church meetings, so there aren't any complaints with that, either.

18. I'm a procrastinator and am easily distracted, but can meet the deadlines when necessary.

19. As I've aged, my priorities have changed, and some things I used to think were important no longer seem as important.

20. I used to think only old ladies liked fresh flowers, but now I love them. Does that mean I'm old?

21. I love kids, but do not want pets, and especially not in the house!

22. I love cardinals, and birds always remind me of my mother, who loved watching the birds outside her window.

23. I love this country, and our freedom, but I wish its citizens were more God centered and family oriented.

24. I am moved to tears often by things precious to me.

25. I asked Teenager what should be included in this list, and she said "You sneeze very loudly!" My claim to fame, apparently. ;-)

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