Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tag! You're It!

I've played tag before, but this is my first blog tag. Strem tagged me, and I'll play along.

1. Where is your cell phone?
In my purse.
2. Your significant other? John, my husband of 34 years.
3. Your hair? No longer red - now brown.
4. Your mother? Was a great mom, and I miss her a lot. She could correct my behavior just by looking at me. To disappoint her made me feel bad, and I still try to live up to her expectations. She loved nature and birds.
5. Your father? Also gone, and I miss him, too. He would have enjoyed his great grandchildren so much.
6. Your favorite thing?
Random acts of kindness.
7. Your dream last night? It was a great night of sleep, and I don't remember any dreams.

8. Your favorite drink? Diet cream soda
9. Your dream/goal? To raise my children to be competent adults who love the Lord.

10. The room you're in? Living room, with my feet up, of course.
11. Your hobby?
Computer time. But I also enjoy cooking, baking, needlework, piano
12. Your fear? I can't think of any major fear right now.
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Right here, with my family.
14. What you are not?
15. Muffins?
A small one, warm, with butter, please.
16. One of your wish list items?
A hand can opener that works well.
17. Where you grew up?
Kimball, Nebraska.
18. The last thing you did?
Brewed a cup of raspberry tea.
19. What are you wearing?
Blue jeans and a short sleeved blue sweater.
20. Favorite gadget?
Is a computer a gadget?
21. Your pets?
No pets, thankfully. Definitely no animals inside.
22. Your computer? Toshiba.
23. Your mood?
Happy - it's holiday time, and we're having family visitors.
24. Missing someone? Just enjoying those that ARE here.
25. Your car?
Montana mini-van.
26. Something you are not wearing? Shoes.
27. Favorite store? Target or Kohl's, or sale racks in any store.
28. Like someone?
Of course!
29. Your favorite color?
30. When is the last time you laughed?
Just a minute ago.
31. Last time you cried?
A few days ago.

I will tag Liz, Karen, and Latane, if they want to play; and anyone else who'd like to play along. Leave a comment so we can check out your answers.


Ours said...

I wanna play!

Liz said...

Okay...I followed through...Check it out!

strem said...

Thanks for playing along. It was great to read your answers.