Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Update

It's time for a family update. Everyone's been busy doing their own thing, and some days we're juggling who goes where with which child to get everything covered.

Father and Hugger have gone on a trip to Texas and Mexico. Tonight they have met up with long-time friends, and are delivering a load of goods to them to help in their work with the Mexican people. I'm sure they'll have many tales to tell after their return. I'm so anxious to hear all the details! Later in the week, they'll visit Father's father ("Big Papa") and other relatives.

Teenager received a surprise letter this week, stating that she's won an award through her vocational school classes. It says she was selected by classmates and/or the instructor, and it is "given to students who have demonstrated outstanding cooperation, self-motivation, preparedness, positive attitude, dependatbility, and persistence." She will be honored at a breakfast at the University. We're so proud of you, Teenager!!

Whistle is having a great year at school. Many people have mentioned how hard he's working, and all reports have been good. I went with his class this week to Peach Tree Farm - my favorite field trip ever. In comparison to last year, I see how independent he's become, and how well he fits in with his classmates. You can check out the details from last year's visit here. (This link is to the first of several posts with pictures of our fun time. Click on "newer post" at the bottom to move to the next post.) Last night he went with Sarah and C. to the city blues music festival. He had a good time, and told me he saw "20 or 21 bands, but they didn't have drums, and they didn't stand in lines." "There wasn't a parade. This was a sit-down band." Then he asked if I "heard the music all the way to our house?" I told him I didn't, but he thought I might, because, "It was loud!" His perspective on events is always fun. Whistle and C. are playing soccer, and both made at least one goal today.

C. loves her new school (since they're now living with us), and her teacher had wonderful things to say about her ability to work together with others in groups.

That leaves just Sarah and E. to report on. Sarah works daily at the super center, and E. is my companion at home and elsewhere, whenever possible. She especially loves to help cook in the kitchen. S'pose I could train her to take over?

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