Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visit with the Dentist

When Whistle came to us he was totally orally defensive and wouldn't let anyone near his mouth -- with or without tools in their hands. He has gradually gotten over that, although he still has problems with foods and eating. Obviously, a visit to the dentist's office is not his favorite way to start the day, but that was our plan for today. One of our first visits to the dentist consisted of counting his teeth. During a recent visit, the dental tech said, "We cleaned 4 teeth today!" Today the report was that all his teeth were polished, "LIGHTLY polished," she said. Big progress! For him, the big news was that two front teeth are loosening; "Right on schedule," according to the dentist. Whistle was very excited, and talked about the tooth fairy visiting, then told the school secretary about it when he checked in at school.

Speaking of the tooth fairy, granddaughter E. told us a story the other day. She wanted to color a picture and put it under her pillow for the Picture Fairy. According to E., the Picture Fairy doesn't exchange money for pictures like the tooth fairy, but she does love pictures.

Another thing E. likes is birthdays. She enjoyed her birthday last month, and had us all "sign up" for her birthday party (writing our names on a piece of paper). Yesterday, she had another paper, and we were signing up for Holly's birthday. Holly is her favorite bear. When I told her mother later that we were having Holly's birthday, she said, "Holly is getting old fast, this is her 3rd birthday since she got her!" (in the spring). What a girl. What an imagination.

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Ours said...

Yay for a successful dentist visit.

E., awww, can I come over and play? that girl really knows how to have fun!