Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Three Questions

As he's shooting baskets in the hallway . . .
Whistle: Mom? what's "foul"?
Mom: Breaking the rules, like bumping another player.

2 Minutes later, falling on the floor while shooting baskets . . .
Whistle: What's fashul?
Mom: What?
Whistle: What's frashul?
Mom: Oh, fragile? Breakable.
Teenager: (while practicing the piano in the same room) You're not fragile, you're tough!!

1 minute later, still shooting baskets . . .
Whistle: Mom? What's macarena?
Mom: A dance
Teenager: Like this! (quits practicing to demonstrate the macarena)

1 minute later, still playing basketball. . .
Whistle: (Clapping, cheering) Whoohoo! Miss-ouri . . . TIGERS!!
Teenager: (practicing the piano) Thank-you, thank-you!
Whistle: I'm not clapping for YOU. I'm clapping for my teammates!

Only two kids, and still, never a dull moment.

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strem said...

Your stories always make me smile. I love hearing what goes on in your life. It sounds like an interesting and wonderful life.