Friday, December 21, 2007

Hanukkah Confusion

In this house, we celebrate Christmas. It's obvious our children and grandchildren are learning (?) about Hanukkah elsewere.

C. and Whistle are playing in the living room. He's looking for his harmonica.
She said, "It has 8 candles, right?"

And . . . Whistle was singing in the car:

da da da da Hanukkah,
la la la la Hanukkah,
ma ma ma ma Hanukkah,
da da da da Hanukkah!

bo bo doe doe Hanukkah
le la le la Hanukkah
jaa jaa jaa jaa Hanukkah
fe fa fe fa Hanukkah.

me me da da Hanukkah
jaa jaa kaa kaa Hanukkah
so so la la Hanukkah
re ma re ma Hanukkah.

va va va va Hanukkah
le la le ma Hanukkah
ta ta ta ta Hanukkah
rah rah rah rah Hanukkah.

Repeat infinitely, changing the syllables however you wish. That's what he does!

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