Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Tour - More Handiwork

Second from left is a felt and sequin snowman stocking Mom made for Daniel. She made one for each of the grandchildren's first Christmas. I tried to carry on her tradition, but discovered I do not have her ability with sequins and felt. My grandchildren have had to make do with other types of stockings. Mbs made the top of the left stocking, for John and I. It's a gingerbread man. ;-) The two on the right are Teenager's and Whistle's - needlepoint, but I didn't do those, either. (It isn't quite the same as the original -- the stockings were hung by the cold air vent with care.)

Mom's beaded satin ball - all the rage in the late 60s early 70s.

Dad also was a craftsman. He did photography, glass blowing, and this is his tin punch offering for my gingerbread tree. Both mom and dad tied flies for fishing, and in later years, made beautiful handwoven linens and rugs. I also have some little 'magic carpet' rug samples on the tree. At Christmas time, I miss them so, but am so thankful for the many special holiday memories they made for us. Simple, and often sacrificing, I'm sure.

This sled was made by John and Karleen Crary, one of our childrens' substitute grandparents at church. John made the sled, and Karleen carved and painted the scene. We also miss John at this time of year, but are thankful Karleen is still a part of our lives.

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