Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Walk to School Week

This week is Walk to School Week at Whistle's school. Each day the students meet at a central location and walk together to school. It's been wonderful weather, and there have been a lot of students participating. Each day there is a theme: wear a hat, bring a buddy, contest for the most students of one class, funny shoelaces, and school spirit day. Yesterday Whistle walked with a friend while I took Teenager to her school, but we made school arrangements for her today so we could walk with him.

The High School band led the group today, followed by a city police car with his lights flashing. It was great fun. I talked to Whistle about it being like a parade, so he wanted to know why we didn't have candy. (Living in a small town, parade entrants still throw candy to children along the parade route.)

As he entered the school, one of the boys ahead of us was excited to go to the cafeteria for breakfast, hoping there would be doughnuts. That would negate the purpose of walking to school, wouldn't it!?

It was a great start to the day for me, too - walking to school with Whistle, and then walking back again to where the car was parked. Twice the exercise! It was a nice morning, but of course brings up thoughts of our own childhood, where walking to school was expected, rather than special.

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strem said...

That sounds like so much fun - for the children and the parents! What a great idea! More schools should have this.