Thursday, July 19, 2007

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?! (Warning - venting!)

Once again -- a story in the news about a mother who intentionally hurt her child: This mom says she was under stress, and wanted him to die. HOW COULD SHE?! Stress is bad, it's difficult, and some can't cope, but trying to kill your child? Come on folks - ASK FOR HELP!! We hear over and over -- drownings, locked in closets, hot water burns. How can they? What is going on??

Also this week was this story:
These parents were so addicted to internet games that they didn't feed the children (or do anything else for them, apparently!).

There are many, many families, with and without children, who would LOVE to raise these kids if just given the opportunity. Please folks -- take advantage of community resources available to you! If you can't take it any more, call the police, call social services, take the children to the hospital and drop them off. Get help someplace -- ANYPLACE!. But please, please -- NO MORE HURTING THE CHILDREN!

Some things are just to awful to think about for more than a moment.

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strem said...

Vent all you want! I just can't believe things like this happen to such innocent children. I am screaming on the inside, and I whole-heartedly agree with you!!