Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whistle's Birthday, Too

Whistle is 5 years old today. I've always thought of July 25th as my sister LeAnne's birthday, and now we have two to celebrate the same day! Since he's here, and she's in another state, we sent her birthday wishes via email.
We celebrated a few hours early, since he wanted his 'nieces' to come, and they weren't going to be available 'on the day.' We couldn't get everyone together until 8 p.m., but it was worth the wait. We blew up a few balloons, and he excitedly said, "It looks like a birthday party!"
Whistle's been saying he wanted a scooter from Santa for a few weeks now. When he opened his new scooter, he said, "Just what I NEEDED!" Doesn't every active young boy need a scooter at some point?
Yesterday a teacher asked him what kind of cake he wanted. Although we hadn't discussed it, he immediately said, "With chocolate cookies, M & Ms, and a happy face!" That was easy enough to do, so we baked a cake; square layer on the bottom, round layer for the face, oreo cookie eyes, red M & M smile, and 5 crayon design candles. Not professionally done, but he was happy. Blowing out the candles was so much fun, we did it twice!
Now . . . if we could just figure out the secret to getting him to actually eat some of that cake!


strem said...

I LOVE Whistle's cake - as it reminds me of many wonderful ones that my mom made for me. Very special! Happy, happy birthday, Whistle.

Liz said...

Maybe Miss H can teach Whistle how to eat the looks like she didn't have any trouble figuring it out. :)