Friday, July 6, 2007

Amazing Animals

Some animals in God's creation are unique, others interesting, and some amazing. Check out this story and photos about a pink dolphin. It's actually an albino bottlenose dolphin, but looks very pink.

On the amazing end of the spectrum is the three-banded armadillo. Last week I caught a glimpse of this on a television show, and was amazed at how it curls up into a ball with a special place for the top of the head and the tail to become part of the protection. I found a good photo
here. (Look down the page for three-banded armadillo.)

God's providence is often amazing and thrilling to me, and this armadillo is a great example. As a miracle of God . . . incredible!! Not just tucked inside like a turtle - not just rolled up into a ball, but with a special place for the head and tail to become part of the protection! Little things make me incredibly excited sometimes.

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strem said...

I had to come back to the blog today to look at the dolphin once again. I'ver never seen one like that. Very beautiful. In many recent trips to the zoo, I've found myself amazed at God in the same way you are. Who knew? God was the first to make a Transformer with interlockng parts!