Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Safety Nicknames, Part 2

Referring to this earlier post about nicknames, the results are in!

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . the envelope . . . please. After much consideration, thought, meditation and flipping of the proverbial coin, the virtual nickel is awarded to Tracy, who suggested 'Hugger' as a nickname for D. Strem earns two virtual pennies for second place with 'Bear Hug.' From this day henceforth and forevermore, D. shall be known as Hugger, for obvious reasons.

There were no suggestions for thefatherofthemall (which
looks more like The Father of The Mall, instead of The Father of Them ALL), so he will be called 'Father.' How's that for originality?!

1 comment:

strem said...

Hugger seems great - short, sweet, and right to the point. Can't think of anything more fitting!